Crane Training

Crane Operator Training

Internal Training (Apprentices)

External Training (Customers)

Comprehensive Crane Training Programmes

At Granada Cranes, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive crane training courses, offering 13 specialised modules that cover critical aspects of crane operation such as load ropes, crane brakes, and down-shop leads. Our training extends beyond our in-house engineers to include fabricators and other staff, with over 50 professionals trained this year, reflecting our commitment to operational excellence. We’ve also tailored courses for specific industry needs, exemplified by our bespoke training for Magnox’s maintenance engineers. Understanding the constraints of space, we conduct our operator training and customer engineering courses at customer sites, ensuring practical, hands-on learning that integrates seamlessly into daily operations. Granada Cranes is not just a training provider; we are a partner in elevating crane operation standards across the industry.

Our Crane Training Solutions

Internal Training

Committed to staff development, our Oldbury depot houses a training department for apprentices and engineers without crane backgrounds. Additionally, we provide regular refresher courses for experienced service engineers. In total, we have 13 crane operator courses. 

External Training

We offer our crane training services to customers at our facility or on-site. Recently, we trained 14 maintenance engineers at the Magnox Nuclear Site, equipping them with necessary theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Crane Operator Training

Our LS117-qualified service technical training engineer conducts crane operator training at our centre or on-site, ensuring comprehensive instruction for safe and effective operation.

Granada Cranes is at the forefront of providing specialised crane operator training programmes that encompass a broad spectrum of crane types, including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, spider cranes, and jib cranes. Our crane operator courses are designed to ensure that your team is proficient, safe, and efficient in operating these complex lifting devices.

Overhead Crane Training

Our overhead crane training programme is structured to give your operators the confidence and skill to handle overhead lifting tasks with precision. The course covers operational techniques, safety checks, and emergency procedures, ensuring that your team is well-versed in the nuances of overhead crane operation.

Gantry Crane Training

Gantry crane training is essential for workers operating these large-scale lifting solutions. Our programme focuses on the specific mechanics and safety protocols associated with gantry cranes, providing hands-on experience that translates into real-world capability.

Spider Crane Training

The versatility of spider cranes requires a unique skill set, which our spider crane training course delivers. Participants will learn the intricacies of manoeuvring these compact cranes in various environments, emphasising their application in confined spaces and their transportability.

Overhead Gantry Crane Training

Our overhead gantry crane training merges the essentials of both overhead and gantry crane operation. This comprehensive programme ensures that your team understands the full scope of operating these cranes, from movement coordination to load management.

Jib Crane Training

Jib crane training is tailored to those operating this type of crane, focusing on the specific operational strategies and safety standards required for the effective use of jib cranes in various industrial settings.

Why Train with Granada Cranes?

Training with Granada Cranes means that your team will not only meet but exceed the industry standards for crane operation. Our expert instructors bring real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring that your staff receives the highest quality training that is both informative and applicable.