Lifting Gear

We offer a comprehensive range of lifting equipment, lifting gear, lifting accessories and material handling solutions through our network of accessory manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team has tested and sourced various equipment to ensure competitive pricing.

Lifting Gear, Accessories & Equipment: High Quality Lifting Parts

Our ability to provide quality products at competitive prices has enabled us to grow and expand our slings and lifting accessories examination aspect of the business whereby we now have several contracts, some with in excess of 5,000 items of lifting accessories. By working alongside our design and manufacturing aspects of the business we have been able to design bespoke lifting accessories to meet our customers’ needs, for which there simply was not a product currently on the market suitable or capable to do so.

In the vast realm of industrial machinery, the distinction between success and inefficiency often boils down to the details. Cranes, as mighty and impressive as they are, owe much of their efficacy and safety to the robust support system of Lifting Gear, Lifting Accessories, and Lifting Equipment. From the meticulous precision of Remote Control Systems to the unyielding strength of Chain Slings, each component plays its part in ensuring operations run seamlessly. Delicate tasks that require care, such as those involving polished materials, are expertly managed using Webbing Slings, while the trusty Eyebolts act as steadfast anchor points in various lifting scenarios. Even the assurance of real-time weight assessment owes its credit to advanced Scales & Weighing Systems. In essence, while the cranes are the brawn of lifting operations, the Lifting Gear, Accessories, and Equipment act as the brain, heart, and nerves, bringing intelligence, vitality, and connectivity to every lift.

So whether you are looking for a single bespoke lifting beam, a one off batch of a thousand eyebolts or a regular order of fibre slings, please call our service team because we are sure they will be able to help you.