Polyester Round Slings for Lifting

Polyester round slings are an ideal lifting solution with many benefits over chains or ropes including:

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Non marking
  • Inexpensive

Standard capacities of 1 to 10 tonnes available.

Specialised capacities up to 100 tonnes on request.

All our Polyester Round Slings are supplied colour coded in accordance with European Standards for simple and quick identification and are tested on to a 7:1 breaking strain factor for safety. Each sling comes complete with an attached label showing the date of manufacture, serial number and safe working load limits. All slings and lifting equipment or accessories supplied by Granada come complete with a valid test certificate.

Granada carry a small range of regularly supplied products in stock but due to the huge and diverse range of products we offer cannot carry a full stock of all items at all times. Any non-stock items can be ordered very quickly and through our local network of suppliers.

Slings are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER regulations. All slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months

Round Slings

Benefits & Use Cases

The ease of identification through colour coding and the attached labels, combined with the safety assurance from Granada’s valid test certificate, makes these polyester round slings a reliable choice. With Granada’s commitment to speedy procurement, clients can rest assured that their lifting needs will be met promptly. Regular checks as per LOLER regulations further bolster trust in the durability and safety of these slings.

Delicate Cargo Lifting

Given their non-marking nature, polyester round slings are ideal for lifting fragile or polished objects, ensuring no scratches or damages occur.

Marine and Offshore Lifting

Their flexibility and lightweight properties make these slings suitable for marine lifting operations, especially where space and weight are constraints.

Aerospace Industry

When dealing with aircraft components which require a delicate touch yet robust lifting capability, these slings become invaluable.

Arts and Exhibitions

For lifting and placing statues, paintings, or other artefacts, polyester round slings ensure that no damage is caused to the valuable pieces.

Vehicle Recovery

Given their lightweight and flexibility, these slings are handy in vehicle recovery operations, enabling quick and efficient response without adding much weight to recovery vehicles.


Lifting irregularly shaped construction materials or delicate facade panels becomes easier with the flexibility offered by polyester round slings.


For lifting packaged goods or crates that need a gentle touch to prevent potential damage, these slings are the go-to choice.

Wind Energy Sector

Used in the erection and maintenance of wind turbines where lightweight and strong lifting tools are essential.

Entertainment Industry

In events, concerts, or theatre productions, these slings are employed to safely suspend or move equipment without causing any markings.

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