Plate Clamps & Grabs for Lifting

Granada is able to provide a diverse range of plate clamps and grabs to cater for almost any application. Most plate clamps and grabs will operate through one of the following basic design styles:

  • Cam locking
  • Screw lock
  • Scissor action
  • Suspension clamping

The majority of the clamps Granada supply are for the handling of steel plates in the vertical and horizontal planes however we can source clamps for other more delicate materials if required. Applications, where clamps are typically used, include:

  • Steel plate
  • Steel profile
  • Steel bars
  • Coil
  • Crane tracks
  • Non-marking type clamps
  • Drum handling
  • Construction / Groundworks

All clamps supplied by Granada come identified with a serial number, and a valid test certificate and are CE marked.

Clamps are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER regulations. All slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months.

Plate Clamps & Grabs

Benefits & Use Cases

With a diverse range of plate clamps and grabs, Granada offers bespoke solutions for various industries. Adhering to stringent quality and safety standards, our clamps are not just tools but rather essential assets that ensure operations remain streamlined, safe, and efficient. Every business that requires precise and safe lifting should consider the comprehensive solutions that Granada provides.

Construction Sites

For lifting and placing heavy steel plates used as base structures or in fabrication tasks, clamps offer a secure grip, ensuring that plates are handled without slipping, especially in challenging outdoor conditions.

Shipbuilding and Marine Applications

Handling steel plates for ship construction requires precision and safety. Plate clamps, especially those designed for vertical and horizontal planes, play a vital role in assembling ship parts.

Warehousing and Storage

Plate clamps assist in the efficient stacking and storage of steel plates, profiles, and bars. The scissor action and cam locking mechanisms ensure plates are lifted securely and placed precisely.

Manufacturing Units

For units that process steel coils or require the lifting of non-marking type clamps, these tools prove indispensable. They ensure that materials remain unscratched and pristine during handling.

Drum Handling in Chemical Plants

Certain clamps are specially designed for drum handling, making the transfer of chemical drums safer and more efficient, especially in environments where precision is crucial.

Groundworks and Civil Engineering

In projects where foundational steel plates or large profiles are used, clamps facilitate the smooth placement of these materials, speeding up the construction process.

Specialised Material Handling

For businesses dealing with delicate materials, non-marking clamps ensure that there’s minimal to no damage during the lifting process. This is crucial in industries where the aesthetics of the material matter.

Steel Mills and Forging Units

These sites frequently handle steel profiles, bars, and plates. Plate clamps designed for these specific materials ensure efficiency and reduce the risk of accidents.

Transportation and Freight

Loading and unloading of steel plates, profiles, and bars for transportation require secure handling. Plate clamps guarantee that these materials remain stable during transit.

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