Radio operated overhead cranes

Here at Granada Cranes, we supply, install and maintain various wireless control systems for the safe operation of overhead cranes and other associated lifting equipment. Our crane radio remote control systems are manufactured in Europe and are extremely versatile.

We offer crane remote control systems for all makes of overhead cranes. We supply radio remote control systems from:

  • Ikusi (now DanFoss)
  • Autec
  • IMET
  • Cattron

Crane radio remote control features

Crane radio remote control systems and radio control systems are suitable for the remote operation of all crane movements (Long Travel, Cross Travel, Hoisting), Transmitter models include variants capable of advance operations such as Tandem Lifts, Take & Release and Master Slave operations and can control various lifting accessories such as:

Permanent Electro Magnets

Permanent electro magnets are crucial components in radio control systems for overhead cranes. These magnets, powered by permanent magnet materials like neodymium, generate a strong and stable magnetic field. They provide efficient lifting and holding capabilities, ensuring secure and reliable operation. Permanent electro magnets enhance crane performance and enhance workplace safety.

Vacuum Lifting Equipment and Accessories

Vacuum lifting equipment and accessories play a vital role in material handling for overhead cranes. Utilising vacuum suction technology, they securely grip and lift various objects, such as glass, metal sheets, and wooden panels. These accessories enhance crane versatility, productivity, and safety by offering precise control, adjustable gripping capacities, and anti-slip features.

Hydraulic Actuators / Load Rotators

Hydraulic actuators and load rotators are integral to overhead crane systems. These devices utilise hydraulic power to provide controlled and precise movement of loads. Actuators enable smooth lifting, lowering, and positioning, while load rotators facilitate the rotation of heavy objects for optimal positioning and manoeuvrability. They enhance crane efficiency, versatility, and load-handling capabilities.

Experience the freedom of wireless

Crane radio remote control systems provide safe, reliable and precision control of lifting equipment while enabling the operator to change position around the load being handled to enable the best view while maintaining a safe distance from the load. We offer advanced radio systems from manufacturers such as Autec and Ikusi that are suitable for operating any overhead crane.

Modernise your existing equipment

A crane radio remote control system is a good way to modernise an existing crane that is controlled by a traditional pendant. Our radio systems can be retro fitted to any existing crane, Including, but not limited to; Kone Cranes, Street Cranes, Demag Cranes & Morris Cranes. Should you already have a wireless control system fitted to your crane but require spares, adjustments or repair, you may be pleased to know that Granada Cranes carry a wide range of Autec, Ikusi, Simbal and IMET parts in stock and we have engineers available 24 hours a day to carry out essential maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

Benefits & Use Cases

Crane radio remote control systems revolutionise the way lifting operations are conducted. As Granada Cranes continues to supply top-tier brands and provides impeccable service, industries across the board will witness enhanced safety, efficiency, and operational excellence.

Enhanced Operator Safety

With radio remote control systems, operators can position themselves at a safe distance, removing the need to stand directly under or near heavy loads. This minimises potential injuries from accidental drops or movements.

Improved Visibility and Precision

Often, the crane operator’s cabin or fixed control station doesn’t provide the best vantage point. Using a remote control, operators can position themselves for optimal visibility, ensuring more accurate and precise lifts.

Streamlined Operations in Congested Areas

In facilities where space is tight or filled with obstacles, a remote control allows the operator to manoeuvre the crane from various positions, ensuring efficient movement even in confined spaces.

Multi-Crane Operation

In facilities with multiple cranes in operation, advanced remote control systems can be set to control multiple cranes, either simultaneously or switching between them, enhancing productivity and reducing the need for multiple operators.

Reduced Operational Costs

Remote control systems can reduce the need for additional personnel. Instead of requiring multiple ground crew members to guide the operator, the operator can independently handle tasks, leading to reduced labour costs.

Quick Response to Malfunctions

If a crane encounters an issue, remote control systems can swiftly halt operations, ensuring safety. With integrated diagnostic tools, these controls can also help in identifying issues, leading to faster maintenance and reduced downtime.

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