Industrial Lifting Equipment

Granada Cranes is the UK’s largest supplier of industrial lifting equipment in offering both industrial cranes and the essential lifting gear that accompanies them. To ensure compliance and safety, our services extend to adherence with LOLER guidelines, guaranteeing that our products and services meet stringent safety standards.

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Industrial Lifting Cranes

At Granada Cranes, we offer cranes for both onshore and offshore industries. Our Industrial Cranes provide an efficient and reliable lifting solution for a variety of applications. With a range of lifting capacities and technical options, they are customisable and versatile, ensuring maximum productivity for any project.

Industrial Lifting Gear

We offer a comprehensive range of lifting equipment, lifting gear, lifting accessories and material handling solutions through our network of accessory manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team has tested and sourced various equipment to ensure competitive pricing.

Lifting Equipment Safety

Regular maintenance and inspections are vital for safe crane operations. We proudly offer statutory inspections of overhead cranes under The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) by our team of over 60+ competent engineers across the UK, ensuring your cranes operate safely and in compliance with legal requirements.

LOLER Regulations PDF
Official LOLER Regulations PDF (External link)

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