Toolkits for Crane Lifting

To aid one of our customers with a requirement for each employee to carry a selection of lifting equipment that they could consider their own and look after we came up with a concept of toolbox kits.

Quite as simple as they sound these are toolboxes filled with a selection of shackles, eyebolts and slings to cater for the engineer’s possible lifting needs.

The contents of these kits were decided on through meetings with managers and the engineers themselves and by purchasing in bulk we had the buying power to keep them competitive.

This is a service we have now offered to several large companies and in conjunction with a regular thorough examination schedule, they have proved very popular and very successful.

Benefits & Use Cases

By offering personalised toolkits filled with essential lifting equipment, Granada Cranes not only facilitates efficient operations but also empowers engineers, ensuring they are always prepared for any task at hand. The popularity of these kits among large companies is a testament to their utility and effectiveness.

On-the-Go Repairs

For engineers working in vast facilities like shipyards or large construction sites, having a personal toolkit ensures that they have immediate access to essential lifting equipment. This aids in performing quick repairs or adjustments without the need to return to a central tool repository.

Personalised Care and Maintenance

When engineers have their own set of tools, there’s an increased sense of ownership and responsibility. This often translates to better care, regular maintenance, and an overall longer lifespan for the equipment.

Training and Onboarding

For new engineers or those in training, these toolkits can act as a starter pack, equipping them with essential tools while also helping them understand the importance of each component in lifting operations.

Emergency Situations

In case of unexpected breakdowns or emergencies where immediate intervention is required, engineers equipped with their own toolkits can act swiftly, reducing downtime and potential hazards.

Specialised Projects

For projects that have unique requirements, customized toolkits can be developed. This ensures that engineers have the exact tools they need for specific tasks, increasing efficiency and safety.

Increased Efficiency in Large Teams

In facilities where numerous engineers are working simultaneously, personal toolkits prevent delays that can arise from sharing or waiting for specific equipment to become available.

Outsourced Projects

For companies that send their engineers to external sites or client locations, having a standardized toolkit ensures that they are always prepared, regardless of the equipment available at the external site.

Streamlined Audits and Inspections

With individual engineers responsible for their toolkits, audits and inspections become more straightforward. Engineers can present their kits for examination, ensuring each tool meets safety and operational standards.

Cost Efficiency

Bulk purchasing for these toolkits, as highlighted by Granada Cranes, ensures that companies can provide high-quality equipment to their engineers at a reduced cost. Moreover, with personal care, the toolkits are likely to face fewer damages, further saving costs in the long run.

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