Automated Cranes

Pioneering Bespoke Lifting Solutions

Effortless Material Handling with Vacuum Load Lifting Devices

Granada Cranes has long established itself as an industry leader in developing innovative and bespoke lifting solutions. With the modern industry witnessing a surge in demand for automated and semi-automated lifting and transport systems, numerous clients have turned to Granada for expert advice and solutions to address their complex lifting requirements, thanks to our extensive experience in the field.

Embracing Technological Advancements from Top European Suppliers

To better support our clients, Granada has adopted cutting-edge technological developments from our key component suppliers across Europe, bringing their unique products to the UK market. We offer comprehensive automated crane systems through Omis and automated vacuum lifting systems through Fezer.

Omis Automated Cranes: Meeting the Growing Demand for Efficiency & Safety

The modern industry’s rapidly increasing demand for automated cranes has been met by Omis, offering its expertise to clients seeking to enhance production and reduce labour costs. Whether it’s a waste handling plant, steel coil stockyard, billet vertical warehouse, or pallet stockroom, Omis’ software engineers leverage the improved mechanical capabilities of automated cranes to significantly reduce handling times.

Automated cranes also offer substantial safety improvements, making them highly recommended in environments where personnel safety is at high risk. The technology employed by our design engineers is chosen based on the reliability each component can provide under specific conditions, which is a key factor contributing to Omis’ success in this area.

Fezer Automated Cranes: Universally Suitable Vacuum Lifters


Fezer Vacuum Lifters are versatile and suitable for horizontal transport, swivelling, or turning over plate materials of all kinds. These lifters ensure gentle handling, efficient and ergonomic work processes, and the highest level of operational safety. To set new safety standards for vacuum lifters, all manually operated lifters are equipped with the unique “main switch supervision.”

By offering exceptional lifting solutions and embracing technological advancements, Granada Cranes & Handling is committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service and expertise in the field of automated and semi-automated lifting systems.