Wire Rope Hoists for Single and Double Girder Crane Applications

Granada Cranes is proud to supply, service, and install Omis wire rope hoists, designed for both single and double girder crane applications. These hoists have been recognised for their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of service.

Key features of Omis OPE hoists include:

  • Rectangular shape for compatibility with all frame sides
  • Accessible drum from all four sides for convenient maintenance
  • Cylindrical rotor motor suitable for inverter use, with dual stage pole change motors available
  • IP54 protection and class F insulation for motor safety
  • Strain-gauge load limit device for compliance with European specifications
Wire Rope Hoist Monorail

Wire Rope Hoist Use Cases

Each of these use cases highlights a specific feature or advantage of the Omis wire rope hoists, demonstrating their applicability and benefits in real-world scenarios.

Manufacturing Plant Upgrade

A local manufacturing facility is transitioning to modernised equipment and seeks to streamline its operations. The plant requires cranes that can be easily serviced and maintained. Given the Omis wire rope hoists’ accessible drum from all four sides, the plant can conduct convenient and regular maintenance, ensuring the hoist operates at peak performance without extended downtimes.

Customised Industrial Warehouse Setup

An industrial warehouse is being designed with uniquely structured frames. The rectangular shape of the Omis OPE hoists ensures compatibility with all frame sides, allowing architects and engineers to integrate these hoists seamlessly into their design without making major structural alterations

Electronics Production Facility

In a facility where sensitive electronics are manufactured, electrical safety is paramount. The IP54 protection and class F insulation of the Omis OPE hoists ensure motor safety, making them a top choice for environments that demand stringent safety standards.

Export-Driven Manufacturing Unit

A manufacturing unit catering to European markets needs equipment compliant with European specifications. With the strain-gauge load limit device, Omis wire rope hoists ensure adherence to European regulations, making the export process smoother and more compliant for the manufacturer.

Modern Crane Retrofitting Service

A crane servicing company is offering retrofitting services for older crane models. Their objective is to modernize outdated equipment. Given the versatility and cost-effectiveness of Omis wire rope hoists, they can be positioned as an ideal solution for clients looking to enhance their existing infrastructure without replacing entire cranes.

Energy-Efficient Factory Design

An upcoming factory is focusing on energy efficiency and flexible operation schedules. The cylindrical rotor motor of the Omis OPE hoists is suitable for inverter use. Moreover, with the availability of dual-stage pole change motors, the factory can benefit from varied speed operations, optimizing energy consumption based on the production demand.

Understanding Hoists: Wire Rope and Its Industrial Counterparts

In the world of industrial lifting and movement, the choice of equipment can significantly impact efficiency, safety, and operational costs. One of the predominant tools in this space is the Wire Rope Hoist.

A Wire Rope Hoist operates using a drum where the wire rope wraps around when lifting or lowering loads. Due to their design and construction, these hoists are especially suitable for heavy-duty operations and can manage substantial weights with precision. Granada Cranes, for instance, have championed the use of Omis wire rope hoists, which are recognised for their versatility, ease of service, and cost-effectiveness.

However, the industrial hoisting landscape doesn’t end with wire rope versions. There are other variations to consider based on the specific needs of an operation:

  1. Electric Chain Hoists: These are driven by electricity and employ a chain to lift or lower loads. While they can be used for heavy lifting, they are often chosen for lighter to medium weight applications, given their compact design and relative ease of installation. They offer a unique advantage in vertical lifting situations where precision is crucial.

  2. Open Barrel Hoists: Unlike the traditional closed drum design found in many wire rope hoists, open barrel hoists feature a design where the drum is exposed, often allowing for a more significant wire or rope overlap. This design can enhance the hoist’s capacity and offer a unique advantage in specific lifting scenarios.

In conclusion, while the Wire Rope Hoist stands as a reliable pillar in the realm of industrial lifting, its variations and counterparts like the Electric Chain Hoists and Open Barrel Hoists ensure that businesses have a comprehensive toolkit to address their specific lifting needs. Choosing the right hoist depends on the operational requirements, load capacity, and frequency of use, but with such a wide range of options available, there’s a fitting solution for every industrial challenge.

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