Scales & Weighing Systems for Crane Lifting

As technology has improved every lifting manager now has the possibility of instantly knowing what weight their lifting equipment is actually bearing at any given time thanks to integrated and detachable crane scales / weighing systems.

The price of these advanced systems are continually becoming more and more affordable and popular. Many of the new crane systems that Granada manufacture now incorporate integrated digital load weighing systems. Not only can these crane scales systems be integrated into bespoke new Crane designs, They can also be retro-fitted to any existing lifting equipment, Many customers have found this to be an ideal way of modernising existing infrastructure.

Scales & Weighing Systems

Installation Options

Integrated Crane Scales / Digital Load Weighing

Integrated crane scales and weighing systems transmit real-time digital load data to a multitude of output and analysis devices, Including Large LED displays that can be mounted on the crane, Operator handheld displays, Computer event recording software and direct printer connections. Not only can these be incorporated into new bridge crane designs but can also be retrofitted to existing overhead cranes and lifting equipment.

Crane Scales Integrated into new designs

When integrating load-weighing functionality into new crane designs Granada uses Baron’s advanced digital weighing systems. Barons weighing system is a professional solution that allows you to weigh loaded material immediately during the lifting phase. It transmits via a wireless connection to digital repeaters with digits up to 160 mm in size and can send data directly to printers and computer software for data analysis and recording.

Crane Scales Retro-fitted to existing cranes

Using Tractel’s DYNASAFE range of sensors and displays, Granada can fit integrated crane scales/load weighing systems onto any existing crane. From a visual display of the current load being lifted to intelligent overload monitoring and prevention, integrated crane scale systems are a great way to modernise existing lifting equipment.

Tractels DYNASAFE Range includes:

  • Load display and digital force management monitor system.
  • Dead-end load cells
  • Wire rope load cells
  • Custom load pins
  • Intelligent overload monitor

Granada can supply several detachable crane scales / load cells for your business needs.

EHP KGW Digital Crane Scales

The KGW from EHP is an ultra-robust model that is protected against shock loading and predominantly designed for heavy industrial use. Commissioning is extremely simple: Unpack it – hang it on the hook – start weighing. Wear and tear is virtually non-existent and the design features no mechanical moving parts.

Natural wear and tear are virtually non-existent, as there are no mechanical moving parts. The Infra-Red hand transmitter enables the scale can be tared off up to a distance of 30 M, without any festooned cables or other wiring.

The unit is Extremely simple to use, The subtracted weight when selected is displayed as a negative tare with a “minus sign”. If required, the system may be expanded by using an optional wireless data receiver.


Units weighing Capacities of 500kg to 200,000kg are available.


  • Non-destructible steel housing for use in foundry applications and in hot environments
  • German TÜV tested, in accordance with DIN 15402 and 15405 part 1. / UVV (VBG 1 + 9a)
  • Minimal headroom loss
  • Shock loading protected
  • The load sensor is a high-quality OIML-approved load cell for long-term stability
  • Weighing electronics using the latest SMD technology and precision
  • Assured readability with a 50 mm bright LED display
  • High accuracy of the measured value, 0.03% of rated capacity
  • Battery operation with rechargeable battery
  • Optional: Wireless transfer of weighing data to peripheral receiver units

Areas of Application

  • Foundries, charging, blending, weighing hot metal. Using lifting magnets, spheroidal casting, grey-cast iron and chemicals solids, feeds and bulk products, etc.
  • Reverse weighing for dosing applications of overload protected
  • Weighing of rolled steel, coils, sheet metal
  • Control of goods inward/outward
  • Test loading and safety tests of e.g. crane equipment

EHP KGY Digital Detachable Crane Scales

The KGY digital detachable crane scale from EHP is an OIML-approved, electromechanical, digital crane scale. It is extremely robust and accurate, providing reliable economical operations. Accuracy is 0.03% of rated capacity.

The unit is ready for immediate use upon delivery, Just hang on the hook and start weighing. By using the infrared hand transmitter, you can set the scale to zero and carry out tare operations.

As an option, the weighing data can be transferred by radio link to various peripheral equipment/computer. The weighing capacities are between 0 – 100,000 kgs.


Units weighing Capacities of 1,000kg to 100,000kg are available.


  • Accuracy class III EEC OIML R 76 approved to 3,000 divisions.
  • German TÜV tested
  • Can be used on any crane/lifting device
  • Robust industrial electronics using the latest SMD technology
  • The approved load cell is high-quality, with long-term stability and made of stainless steel with a 3-year guarantee of accuracy.
  • Readability is ensured via a large, 50 mm high LED display
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Optional/retrofit kits: Weighing Data Transmission by UHF radio to peripheral equipment (printer connection, works computer via serial interface RS 232 V 24)
  • Own calibration facilities, for further calibrations to attractive prices

Areas of application

  • Control of goods in/goods out
  • Dispatch weighing
  • The steel industry, weighing of rolled sheet metal and coils
  • Paper industry
  • Quality management system to ISO 9001

EHP LD / LDN Digital Detachable Crane Scales

The EHP LD series of digital detachable crane scales are a low-cost alternative and offer RAM protection.  The unit comes complete with remote control as standard and has an operational temperature range between -30 °C and +80°C.


Units weighing Capacities of 300kg to 50,000kg are available.


  • Very high accuracy of 0.03% rated capacity.

  • 3-year guarantee of accuracy and operation of the load cell.

  • German TÜV approved
  • Instantaneous display of the weight
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Permissible overload factor of mechanical parts to 500% of the scale capacity
  • Can be tared off up to 100%, using the infrared hand transmitter
  • Illuminated display for use within dark locations
  • Optional/retrofit kits: Weighing Data Transmission by UHF radio to peripheral equipment

EHP LK / LKE Digital Detachable Crane Scales

The LK range of digital detachable crane scales from EHP boasts a very robust construction for heavy industrial use and the unit’s tension load cell is made of high-grade steel. The front panel hosts a 7-segment LED digital display/update rate of 1 display per second (50 mm high). The LK / LKE is Maintenance-free and features rechargeable 12 Volt accumulators.

OIML-approved version LKe: Commercial scale, accuracy class III, EEC OIML R 76 approved to 2,500 divisions.


Units weighing Capacities of 500kg to 100,000kg are available.


  • Highest accuracy of 0.03% rated capacity.
  • 3-year guarantee of accuracy and operation of the load cell.
  • German TÜV tested
  • Instantaneous display of results
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Scale housing protected against mechanical damage/ram protection
  • Optional/retrofit kits: Weighing Data Transmission by UHF radio to peripheral equipment.

Areas of Application

  • Harsh industrial environments
  • Accurate check of the weight of inward/outward goods
  • In-line weighing processes
  • In all known applications where goods are sold by weight.

AJT Accuway TM Loadcell

The Accuway TM Loadcell from AJT is a wired loadcell available in configurations capable of weighing items up to 200,000kg to an accuracy of 1% of the applied load.


  • Made from a lightweight Aerospace Alloy
  • Accuracy better than 1% of the applied load
  • Hermetically Sealed for use in wet conditions
  • Powered by a standard 9v Battery
  • 50 hours typical battery life
  • Auto power-off to prolong battery life
  • Tare, peak and reset facility
  • Units supplied with 5-10 metres of signal cable as standard (longer cable lengths available on request)
  • Supplied with an aluminium carry case
  • 12-month warranty

AJT Accuway TTM Telemetry Loadcell

The Accuway TTM Loadcell from AJT is a wireless telemetry loadcell with a range of up to 200m. It is available in configurations capable of weighing items up to 200,000kg to an accuracy of 0.5% of the applied load.


  • Made from a lightweight Aerospace Alloy
  • Accuracy better than 0.5% of the applied load
  • Hermetically sealed for use in wet conditions
  • Powered by 2x Standard AA Alkaline batteries
  • 40 hours battery life
  • Wireless range of 200m
  • Can be set to read Tonnes, Kgs or Lbs
  • TTM is to accept shackles only (not included)
  • Self Contained – no cabling
  • 12-month warranty

For more information on our range of detachable digital crane scales, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Benefits & Use Cases

These varied benefits and use cases underline the significance of integrated crane scales and weighing systems in modern lifting operations. As Granada Cranes continues to innovate in this space, many businesses will find immeasurable value, both in safety and operational efficiency, by incorporating these advanced systems.

Ensuring Load Safety

By instantly providing the weight of a lifted object, crane scales prevent the dangerous and costly overloading of lifting equipment. Managers can ensure they’re within safe weight limits and avoid potential equipment damage or catastrophic failures.

Streamlining Shipping and Logistics

For businesses involved in shipping and transport, knowing the exact weight of goods is crucial. Integrated weighing systems on cranes allow for precise cargo measurements, ensuring that freight weights match the documentation, thus avoiding potential shipping penalties or discrepancies.

Optimising Storage Space

In warehousing, where space is at a premium, knowing the weight of items can help in efficient storage planning. Heavy items can be appropriately stored, ensuring safety and optimal space utilization.

Reducing Manual Weighing Processes

Before the advent of integrated crane scales, loads often needed to be weighed separately. With integrated and detachable crane scales, this additional step is eliminated, saving time and reducing operational steps.

Regulatory Compliance

Certain industries have strict weight regulations. Whether it’s for safety, shipping, or trade, knowing the exact weight can help businesses adhere to regional and international standards, thus avoiding legal implications or fines.

Enhancing Equipment Longevity

By avoiding inadvertent overloading, the longevity of the crane and its associated systems can be prolonged. Regular overloads, even small ones, can cause wear and tear over time. Knowing the weight helps in preserving the equipment’s operational life.

Real-time Inventory Management

Especially relevant for businesses that deal in bulk materials, integrated weighing systems allow for real-time inventory updates. As materials are loaded or unloaded, the system can update the stock levels, aiding in efficient inventory management.

Cost-Efficiency for Older Infrastructure

For companies with older crane systems, retrofitting with modern scales and weighing systems can be a cost-effective way to enhance their equipment’s capabilities without investing in entirely new machinery.

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