Eyebolts for Crane Lifting

Eyebolts are connecting links used to join the item or product being lifted with a lifting device such as a hoist hook or sling. There are four main types:

  • DIN Standard
  • Collar BS4278 Standard
  • Long Shank
  • Dynamo

Capacities of 95 kg to 50 tonnes are available.

All our eyebolts come identified with a serial or batch number and all slings and lifting equipment or accessories supplied by Granada come complete with a valid test certificate.

Granada carries a small range of regularly supplied products and spares in stock but due to the huge and diverse range of products we offer cannot hold a full stock of all items at all times. Any non-stock items can be ordered very quickly and through our local network of suppliers.

Shackles are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER regulations. All slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months.


Benefits & Use Cases

Granada’s commitment to quality and safety, demonstrated by providing a valid test certificate with each eyebolt, ensures that businesses across various sectors can rely on their products for efficient and secure lifting operations. Regular checks in line with LOLER regulations further guarantee the durability and reliability of these essential lifting accessories.

Industrial Manufacturing

In large-scale manufacturing units, eyebolts play a crucial role in lifting and moving heavy machinery parts. The DIN Standard and Collar BS4278 Standard eyebolts can be used based on the weight and dimensions of the machinery.

Construction Projects

For lifting and placing construction materials, especially in high-rise buildings, eyebolts ensure that materials are lifted safely and precisely. The Long Shank and Dynamo types can be chosen based on the specific needs of the construction task.

Marine and Shipbuilding

Eyebolts are essential in shipyards for lifting heavy ship parts, containers, and other maritime equipment. Their strength and design make them ideal for resisting the corrosive marine environment.

Transportation and Logistics

When loading and unloading heavy cargo in warehouses or freight hubs, eyebolts facilitate the efficient movement of goods, ensuring that they are handled without causing damage.

Maintenance and Repairs

In repair workshops or maintenance facilities, eyebolts are often used to lift engines, vehicle parts, or other heavy components, providing a secure lifting point.

Art and Large Installations

For artists or craftsmen working with large sculptures or installations, eyebolts help in the precise placement and movement of their artwork.

Theatre and Entertainment

In theatre productions or stage shows, eyebolts assist in lifting and positioning heavy set pieces, ensuring safe and efficient scene transitions.

Power Plants and Energy Sectors

In power generation units, especially in wind and hydro plants, eyebolts aid in the maintenance and replacement of heavy machinery and parts.

Mining and Excavation

During the extraction of minerals, eyebolts ensure safe and efficient transportation of heavy loads within the mining area.

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