Heavy Duty Cranes

Industrial-Grade Cranes and Advanced Lifting Solutions

Up to A8 Structure Group & M8 Mechanical Duty

In collaboration with OMIS, Granada is proficient in the creation of bespoke cranes and hoist units, tailored for specialist applications. Our capabilities extend to the production of cranes and structural elements designed up to group A8, along with hoisting and travel mechanisms structured up to group M8.

Typically, these industrial-grade cranes are equipped with OMIS’s open barrel design hoist unit, whose robust design is optimally suited for enduring applications, even at high capacities. Additionally, we provide an alternative model that utilises SWF hoisting technology, exhibiting comparable performance and ideally fitting for industrial-grade crane operations.

The provision of an industrial-grade crane is considered when an enterprise demands a crane that can withstand above-average usage or function under strenuous conditions. In such scenarios, these industrial-grade options are not merely advantageous, but frequently prove indispensable for the seamless operation of the business. At Granada, we consistently conduct a comprehensive on-site survey prior to finalising specifications to accurately identify the lifting solution that best aligns with your business requirements. Should you believe that an industrial-grade crane is what your business necessitates, do contact us today. Our team of seasoned technicians will be delighted to assist you further.

Open Barrel Hoist Systems

At Granada, we take pride in our ability to provide an array of Open Barrel Hoist options. All of our open barrel hoists are meticulously manufactured by OMIS, located in Italy.

OMIS boasts an impressive track record of producing open barrel hoists for more than four decades. Their current production represents the zenith in terms of variety, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Assurance of reliability stems from the in-house fabrication of all mechanical components, which undergo rigorous inspection throughout the assembly process.

Our standard hoists are available in both single and double-reeved configurations. Load capacities range from 3.2 to 60 tons, although hoists of larger capacities can also be supplied. The standard height of lift is either 10 or 15 metres, though higher hook paths are regularly manufactured within our workshops.

The motors are operated via inverters, however, we can also deliver dual-stage, pole-change solutions upon request.

A crucial safety feature, the load limit device, is a strain-gauge cell housed within the fixed-end pin, and is connected to an electronic card. Two load thresholds can be set on this card to prevent hoist overloading in compliance with European standards.

SWF Winch Types

Granada Cranes’ CRABster winch delivers unparalleled performance, lifting up to 250 tons within a compact space. The robust construction, combined with numerous control and protective functions, ensures a long service life, even in its standard configuration.

The CRABster winch’s design eliminates lateral hook movement, resulting in enhanced stability. Equipped with a frequency inverter, it offers precise, efficient and safe load handling at both low and high speeds, making it the ideal choice for your heavy-duty lifting needs.

CRABster M

  • Double girder trolley
  • Up to 250 t
Crabster M

CRABster F

  • Fixed hoist for free-standing installations
  • Up to 250 t
Crabster F

CRABster Benefits