Permanent Lifting Magnets

Granada is able to offer a small range of permanent lifting magnets, which are a cost-effective and more widely accessible solution to electro-powered magnets or vacuum when lifting from beneath or around the load is not possible with a sling or chain.

These lifting magnets are operated by hand with a lever action. Once engaged via the lever, which locks into position, they cannot be de-magnetized without operating the magnet lever. All permanent lifting magnets of this type have a 3:1 factor of safety when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s correct operating instructions.

All our permanent magnets come identified with a serial or batch number and all slings and lifting equipment or accessories supplied by Granada come complete with a valid test certificate.

Permanent magnets are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER regulations. All slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months.


Benefits & Use Cases

Granada’s range of permanent lifting magnets represents a perfect blend of simplicity, safety, and efficiency. For industries looking to enhance their lifting operations without extensive investment in equipment or increased operational complexity, these magnets offer a reliable and effective solution.

Handling of Flat and Round Materials

Permanent lifting magnets are highly effective for handling both flat and round materials, such as steel plates, bars, and tubes. Their design allows for easy lifting of materials without the need for slings or chains.

Quick and Efficient Material Movement

In workshops, factories, and warehouses, time is often of the essence. Permanent lifting magnets enable rapid material movement, as workers can swiftly engage and disengage materials without waiting for an electro-powered system to cycle.

Safe Operation in Power Outages

Since they don’t rely on electricity, permanent lifting magnets remain engaged even during power outages or failures, ensuring the safety of both workers and materials.

Reducing Equipment Wear

By eliminating the need for chains, slings, or straps, permanent lifting magnets reduce the wear and tear on these auxiliary lifting accessories, extending their lifespan.

Simplified Operations in Restricted Spaces

In environments where it’s challenging to loop a chain or sling around materials, like tightly stacked metal sheets or bars, a permanent lifting magnet provides a straightforward solution for lifting without the need for extensive rearranging.

Safe Lifting of High-Value Goods

For materials that are prone to surface damage, such as polished steel or delicate machined parts, permanent lifting magnets offer a non-invasive lifting method, reducing potential damages and associated costs.

Ensured Operational Safety

The built-in 3:1 safety factor, along with the locking lever mechanism, ensures that once the magnet is engaged, there’s a minimal risk of accidental release. This safety feature is particularly vital in high-traffic areas or when lifting heavy materials overhead.

Compliance with Regulations

Considering that permanent magnets are classified under LOLER regulations, businesses can be assured of their compliance when adopting these lifting accessories, especially given Granada’s rigorous testing and certification.

Eco-Friendly Operations

Without the need for electricity or batteries, permanent lifting magnets offer a more environmentally friendly lifting solution, aligning with green operational practices.

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