Lightweight Cranes

Revolutionise your lifting solutions with our Lightweight Cranes.

Experience Unmatched Flexibility, Efficiency, and Adaptability for Your Lifting Needs

Our Granada Cranes’ ProfileMaster Plus ST, a steel light crane system, offers highly flexible planning options and is designed for loads up to 2,000 kg. Compatible components and optimised suspensions ensure rapid assembly, with the ability to easily extend or modify the system later.

Select from seven different steel profile types in five sizes for various loads and suspension distances. Two of these profiles come equipped with an internal conductor line. Our cold-formed, powder-coated profiles provide exceptional rigidity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Single and double girder solutions, with standard and low headroom options
  • Sliding blocks as standard, alternatively with cable trolleys
  • Compatibility with our electric chain hoists
  • Track suspensions for diverse load constructions
  • Highly rigid profiles

Experience the advantages of:

  • Flexible design options with a large selection of profiles and easy modification/extension
  • Low maintenance costs due to long service life, premium profiles, and highly compatible components
  • Fast assembly with reduced profile weight, optimised suspensions, and easily bolted connections

Essential Technical Data

  • Capacities up to 2,000 kg
  • Intelligent connection system for easy installation
  • Wide range of available profiles
  • Enclosed design protecting inner runner from dirt and dust
  • Suitable for large spans
  • Bends, points, and turntables for monorails
  • Single and double-girder solutions
  • Low running noise

LIGHTster: Aluminium Lightweight Crane

Radius 2m to 8m as standard
Capacity up to 2000kg and 2m wave height (Hs)
316L Stainless steel brackets c/w nylon sheaves
Lift heights up to 40m
Drive train and slew mechanism from world class supply chain partners
SCADA connection available
Electrical control systems can be integral to the crane or remote mounted (plug and play)
Control Panel Board. Including light tower, socket and sounder
Baseplate design to suit foundation. (Transition piece or Jacket)
IP 67 cable seal
Manual slew drive 335˚ rotation (full rotation & electrical slew as option)
Full offshore safety system (AOPS, MOPS, ELL System)
Full 316L Stainless steel hook block
Duplex corrosion classification of galvanisation and organic paint system
Nylon parking station for hook block
Emergency access and egress approved

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