Event Horizon

Event Horizon is an engineering company with a specialisation in the use of explosive materials.


At Granada Cranes, adversity isn’t a roadblock—it’s a route to innovation. Our recent collaboration with Event Horizon, a titan in Explosive Engineering, stands as a testament to this ethos, underlining why we are revered as the UK’s leading crane manufacturer.

Event Horizon is no ordinary engineering firm. With a reputation for tackling projects others deem too intricate or challenging, they operate across diverse sectors, from aerospace to the film industry. Their hallmark is delivering safe, comprehensive solutions with an impressive speed, courtesy of their extensive in-house facilities and profound expertise.

The challenge

Years ago, foreseeing future needs, Event Horizon constructed a building equipped for a crane gantry, incorporating stools and knee supports. However, the installation of a false ceiling, complete with lighting and electrical systems, presented a significant challenge when the time came to install the crane—specifically, a daunting height restriction of less than 500mm.

The solution

Where standard installations faltered, Granada’s ingenuity flourished. Confronted with limited space, our team embarked on an exhaustive exploration of possibilities. Initial options fell short, but our determination only grew.

In a pivotal collaborative effort with a structural engineer, we designed a custom gantry section and end carriage arrangement. This innovative solution fit snugly within the tight confines, while meticulously avoiding disruption to the existing services. Precision was paramount, with design clearances in certain areas as fine as 20mm.

With Event Horizon’s green light, we transitioned from design to delivery. Uncompromising attention to detail was evident at every stage, from production to the final installation, with rigorous checks conducted down to the millimetre.

Our installation team’s expertise was matched only by their ability to foster a warm rapport with the client. The project culminated on schedule, meeting all specifications flawlessly and skilfully navigating all obstacles.

This endeavour with Event Horizon is a shining example of not just overcoming engineering challenges, but also of synchronicity in values. It highlights our mutual dedication to taking on projects that many would hesitate to engage with.

At Granada Cranes, we cherish these opportunities to demonstrate that we don’t merely manufacture cranes; we engineer solutions tailored to our clients’ unique challenges, lifting their ambitions higher with each successful collaboration. In the realm of complex, custom lifting solutions, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them, project after intricate project.

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