Oregon Timber Frame

Oregon Timber Frame, established in 1998 and now part of Barratt Group PLC, specialises in the design, manufacture and erection of structural timber frame packages.


Welcome to an overview of Granada Cranes’ recent project at Oregon Timber Frame’s new factory. In early 2023, we embarked on a significant six-month project, focusing on installing a comprehensive material handling system. This endeavor was not just about installation; it was about creating a custom solution that aligned seamlessly with the client’s operational needs. Our commitment extends beyond the project completion, as we have undertaken a maintenance contract to ensure the longevity and compliance of the equipment. Let’s explore how we addressed the challenges and delivered a tailored solution.

The challenge

The project presented to Granada Cranes was multifaceted and demanding. Oregon Timber Frame required a robust material handling system for their new factory, encompassing 11 overhead gantry cranes, multiple freestanding Jib cranes, vacuum powerlifting systems, and lightweight crane systems. The challenge was twofold: to complete this extensive installation within a strict six-month timeframe and to customise the solution to fit the specific operational needs of the factory. Collaborating closely with Oregon Timber Frame was essential to ensure that the final setup not only met but exceeded their expectations.

The solution

Lightweight Jib Crane

Granada Cranes successfully addressed these challenges with precision and efficiency. The installation of the overhead gantry cranes, Jib cranes, and vacuum powerlifting systems was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring each component was tailored to the factory’s requirements. The lightweight crane systems added versatility and strength to the overall setup. Despite the ambitious timeline, the project was completed on schedule, with no disruption to the factory’s operational plans.

Furthermore, Granada Cranes’ commitment to the project’s long-term success is evidenced by our ongoing maintenance contract, ensuring that all equipment remains in optimal condition and compliant with current legislation. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering customised, efficient, and sustainable solutions to our clients.

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