Granada’s new DATAHUB goes live – bringing significant benefits to all our customers


Granada are delighted to announce the roll-out of their latest DATAHUB software, and engineers are already visiting customers to demonstrate the system’s new features.

The new DATAHUB is the result of major investment, a further development of Granada’s bespoke software, developed in conjunction with and in response to user feedback and customers’ needs.

Fulfilling the numerous health and safety obligations associated with lifting equipment can be a daunting task, and DATAHUB was designed to make this much easier. While Granada have always put ease-of-use and the need for thorough and detailed information at the heart of DATAHUB, preferring to develop a bespoke system rather than purchase an off- the- shelf package, the new DATAHUB offers a number of significant new features that build on the existing product.

DATAHUB now includes the most intuitive and detailed search features for any system in use today. All information is updated across the network immediately, so customers can be sure that what they see onscreen is the latest information on each and every piece of equipment. With individual logins for each person involved in the management of lifting and handling, customers can view exactly what is relevant to each and every job or project. Customers can search by site, by location, SWL, safe to use or not, what’s due for inspection or servicing, and the status of each individual piece of equipment. The new DATAHUB includes both equipment and accessories – with equipment all tagged with a RFID chip for added security and ease of use on-site.

Significantly, the new DATAHUB system covers both LOLER and PUWER onscreen, with the current certificates for each piece of equipment shown and available to print from within the equipment record – making it much quicker and easier to produce relevant documentation whenever needed. The new system also features an archive, so customers can see the complete service and inspection history on any kit installed, serviced or inspected by Granada – from pre-delivery at the factory through to removal from service. Where inspections throw up reports of any damage, Granada’s engineers can photograph the part, and upload the image to the equipment record – again making it easier for the customer to keep up-to-date, onscreen and immediately, wherever they are.

Listening to customers and developing the bespoke new DATAHUB with customers’ needs as paramount, Granada’s latest system offers a range of key benefits:

  • All information is guaranteed to be completely up-to-date, and securely accessible wherever needed at any time.
  • Audits are made simpler and quicker, with everything available online and instantly, including archived certificates and historical detail on each and every piece of equipment and all accessories. For regular Health and Safety audits, this can be a significant time-saving benefit. For PQQ and tender audits for prospective contracts, this can help demonstrate the company’s flexibility and commitment to safety.
  • For offshore customers, being able to provide all necessary documentation, printed from 1 screen record, is not only time-saving but also a cost-saving option, especially where third party installations require this information onsite prior to commencing work.
  • For onshore customers, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, the advanced search facilities available in the new DATAHUB can be invaluable when scheduling planned lifts – for example, all equipment that is safe to use can easily and instantly be viewed across any date range, so work can be scheduled accordingly.

Stuart Sharples, Site Service Division Manager at Granada, commented,

“I’m delighted with the new DATAHUB as it’s the result of a lot of hard work and investment on the part of Granada and our software partners. We are very pleased with the response from customers we’ve visited so far, especially as it’s developed in response to their comments. We are always looking to further develop the product so are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements – whether with existing or prospective customers.”

To find out more about DATAHUB, contact us.

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