Granada’s new VacuQuicklift – simple operation and ergonomical design


Recently installed at a food processing plant, VacuQuicklift, Granada’s new Vacuum Tube lifter, combines a range of advantages that make it perfect for many sectors. With just one operating handle all the functions of engagement, lifting, lowering, and release can be easily and accurately controlled.

With its unique “Quick-Release-System”, the VacuQuicklift lifts automatically when released with no need for tilting. This makes it incredibly quick and guarantees the shortest cycle times – ideal if boxes, containers or crates have to be commissioned or re-stacked.

The Tube lifter VacuQuicklift is available in two designs, one for strictly horizontal applications and one with a swivel feature that allows the lift to manually tip over workpieces. In both cases the VacuQuicklift is controlled with one control handle, so the lift operator is easily able to bring loads into the target position with their free hand. Thus, Granada’sVacuQuicklift makes lifting tasks easier, while improving workplace safety through its simple and ergonomical design and operation.

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