Elevating Offshore Operations: The Power of Python Davit Cranes

Davit Offshore Crane


Here at Granada Cranes, we proudly lead the charge in offshore wind farm development, supplying over 75% of the davit cranes for UK projects. Our clientele includes industry giants like Equinor and RWE, testament to our commitment to excellence. With a global footprint spanning continents, our Python Davit Cranes are revolutionizing efficiency and reliability in offshore lifting operations.

Key Features of Python Davit Crane:

  1. Patented Main Boom Technology: We’ve engineered our cranes with patented main boom technology, making on-deck maintenance a breeze and enhancing safety during commission work.
  2. Maintenance and Environmental Benefits: By avoiding hydraulic systems, we’ve significantly reduced maintenance costs and eliminated environmental risks, ensuring a sustainable approach to offshore operations.
  3. No Working at Height: Safety is paramount, which is why we’ve designed our cranes with accessibility in mind. Key components are easily reachable without the need for working at height, prioritizing the well-being of your crew.
  4. Versatile and Robust Design: Our cranes boast flexible capabilities and are built with high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and compliance with stringent offshore standards.
  5. Comprehensive Safety & Standards Compliance: Equipped with safety systems that meet marine environment standards and hold third-party accreditations like DNV, our cranes ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.
  6. Built with World-Class Components: We spare no expense in sourcing components, relying only on leading suppliers to maintain exceptional quality and provide top-notch project support.

Certification and Standards

Rest assured, our Python Davit cranes are certifiable at the foundation yard and fully comply with international standards for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment.

Offshore Crane Specifications:

  • Radius: Our cranes offer a standard radius range of 2m to 8m.
  • Capacity: From 1te on a single fall rope to up to 3te on a 2 fall rope, our cranes adapt effortlessly to your lifting requirements.
  • Lift Heights: With the ability to reach heights of up to 40m, our cranes ensure versatility in offshore operations.
  • Drive Train: Partnering with world-class supply chain partners, our cranes boast reliable drive trains that guarantee optimal performance.
  • SCADA Connection: Available for seamless integration into your offshore systems.
  • Electrical Control Systems: Choose between integral or remote-mounted systems for added flexibility.
  • Baseplate Design: Tailored to suit your foundation, whether it’s a transition piece or a jacket.


At Granada Cranes, we take pride in our Python Davit Cranes, which represent a pinnacle of innovation and reliability in offshore lifting. With a proven track record of success in global wind farm projects, our cranes continue to raise the bar for efficiency, safety, and compliance. Choose Granada Cranes for your offshore lifting needs and experience the difference firsthand.

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