Granada Cranes Successfully Completes Installation at Oregon Timber Frame’s New Factory

Lightweight Jib Crane

We at Granada Cranes are proud to announce the successful completion of a significant project at Oregon Timber Frame’s new factory. Kicked off in early 2023, this six-month journey involved installing a state-of-the-art material handling system, tailored to the unique requirements of a cutting-edge timber frame manufacturing facility.

Our project scope was extensive, encompassing the installation of 11 overhead gantry cranes, several freestanding Jib cranes, innovative vacuum powerlifting systems, and a selection of self-supporting lightweight crane systems. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in delivering advanced and efficient material handling solutions.

Meeting the ambitious six-month deadline was a challenge we embraced wholeheartedly, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction. The successful completion of this project underlines our ability to handle complex and large-scale installations with precision and dedication.

In addition to the installation, we have also entered into a maintenance contract with Oregon Timber Frame. This ensures that the equipment we installed remains in peak condition and adheres to current legislation, reflecting our commitment to providing ongoing support and value to our clients.

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