Successful 30-Metre Crane Removal

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At Granada Cranes, we recently achieved a significant milestone in a highly complex engineering project—the removal of a 30-metre crane. The task was formidable, involving precise maneuvers in a constrained environment, but thanks to a dedicated team and some innovative engineering, we succeeded with flying colors.

The Challenges

The main obstacles we faced included extremely limited space and restricted headroom. These conditions demanded meticulous planning and creative problem-solving to ensure that we could safely remove the crane without incident.

Our Approach

Our first step was to dismantle the hoist. This initial task allowed us to better assess and manage the space constraints we were working within. Next, we carefully secured and unbolted the end carriages. This process was crucial as it created the necessary room to maneuver the crane safely.

Given the tight space on either side of the crane, coordination and teamwork were paramount. Every member of the team had to be precisely in sync to avoid any mishaps.

Innovative Solutions

One of the more significant challenges—limited headroom—required an innovative solution. We took the initiative to fabricate and weld lifting points directly on the site. These custom modifications enabled us to attach shackles and round slings to the mobile crane hook effectively. This strategy was essential for lifting the crane safely over the end carriages and gently lowering it to the ground.


Special thanks are due to Jon Giddings of Sparrow Lifting and his slinger, James. Their expertise and commitment were vital in navigating the complexities of this project. Their collaboration was instrumental in not just meeting, but exceeding our project goals.

Looking Ahead

With the crane now successfully removed, we are excited to move on to the next phase: installing a new crane later this year. This recent achievement has not only bolstered our confidence but also reinforced our commitment to delivering engineering excellence. With the continued support of our partners and our collective expertise, we are confident that we will maintain our track record of outstanding results.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of engineering and tackle more challenging projects.

This project was not just a test of our engineering skills but also a testament to the power of teamwork and innovation in overcoming obstacles. At Granada Cranes, we’re proud to set standards in the crane removal industry and look forward to future challenges with enthusiasm and preparedness.


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