Granada Cranes at UK Metals Expo 2024: Showcasing Innovation and Expertise


We are excited to announce that Granada Cranes will be exhibiting at the UK Metals Expo 2024, a premier event bringing together the most significant players in the UK steel and metal industries. This expo, taking place on 11-12th September 2024, provides an unparalleled platform for industry leaders, and we are eager to present our cutting-edge crane solutions and services to a broader audience.

The UK Metals Expo is known for gathering the biggest and most important businesses in the metal sector, making it an ideal venue for us to expand our reach and connect with potential new clients. Many companies within the industry rely heavily on high-quality cranes for their operations, not just for logistics and material handling but also for ensuring efficiency and safety in their processes.

Why We’re Attending

Our Managing Director, Nick McLoughlin, said:

“Our presence at the UK Metals Expo is twofold: to strengthen our relationships with existing customers and to introduce our capabilities to those who may not yet be familiar with what makes Granada Cranes a leader in the crane manufacturing industry. It’s a fantastic opportunity to represent our new brand, showcase our latest innovations, and demonstrate our commitment to excellence in crane design and manufacturing.”

What Sets Us Apart

At Granada Cranes, we don’t just sell cranes; we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of the metals industry. Our offerings include:

  • Custom-designed cranes built to handle specific metallurgical processes
  • Full-service maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal performance and longevity
  • Advanced safety features integrated into all our equipment, addressing the stringent safety standards of the metal industry.

Meet Us There

We invite all attendees to visit our exhibit at the UK Metals Expo 2024 to learn more about how our cranes can enhance your operational efficiency. Our team of experts will be on hand to discuss your specific needs and how our innovative solutions can help achieve your business goals.

Join us at this dynamic event to discover how Granada Cranes is driving the future of crane technology and service in the metals industry. Let’s explore what we can achieve together! For more details about our exhibit, please visit our expo page here: Granada Cranes at UK Metals Expo.

See you at the UK Metals Expo 2024!

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