HBX Installs Workshop Gantry Crane

HBX 40t Overhead Gantry Crane Installation

In a significant stride towards progress, the HBX team, operating under the Cl umbrella, has achieved a monumental feat in constructing EDF’s flagship structure, the “Operating Service Centre (HBX).” This facility is poised to become the nucleus of EDF’s operational activities at the plant.

On a pivotal day, the 26th of April, the team witnessed the successful positioning of a 40 tonne overhead gantry crane, by the specialist contractor Granada, within the warehouse space, a crucial component for the facility’s functionality. This crane holds paramount importance as it is tasked with lifting the building’s 10T transformer, an essential element for its critical path and commissioning.

Months of meticulous planning and coordination of several T1’s and T2’s, culminated in this achievement, despite facing logistical hurdles such as a major delivery route closure. The installation itself spanned two days, where effective planning and stakeholder management ensured minimal disruption to site operations.

What truly sets this milestone apart is the innovative solution devised by the team.

The temporary works required to get the 40T gantry crane into the building without being able to directly lift it into the building was a testament to the engineering minds at HPC. The end solution saw the crane rails extended out of the building onto a TW falsework solution. This methodology was transferred from the Aviation environment and applied to the nuclear site of HPC—a testament to their engineering prowess and adaptability.

Originally planned as a single visit, the operation was tactically split into two smaller possessions to minimize project-wide impacts.

Safety remained paramount throughout, with rigorous measures implemented during the crane lift, ensuring a successful installation under a road closure by Ainscough, the contracted crane lift provider.

Looking ahead, Granada, will return in quarter two to finalize testing and commissioning, including loading the crane with test weights of up to 50 tonne. This subsequent visit will mark the crane’s integration into construction operations, supporting the MEP Main Capital Equipment (MCE) installation and critical path activities.

This achievement underscores the dedication and expertise of the HBX team, showcasing their commitment to excellence and furthering the project’s success.

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