The Ultimate Guide to Crane Lifting Gear: Elevating Industry Standards


Crane lifting gear is indispensable in various industrial settings, offering the means to move, lift, and position hefty loads with precision. In this guide, we journey through the multifaceted world of crane lifting gear, exploring each tool’s utility, while highlighting the importance of adherence to LOLER regulations.

1. Open Barrel Hoists: Open in design, these hoists allow direct drum contact for faster, accurate lifting. Perfect for cranes operating in environments demanding swift, repetitive hoisting.

2. Electric Chain Hoists: Offering durability and efficiency, these electrically-powered chain hoists are frequently found in automotive assembly cranes.

Electric Hoist Crane

3. Wire Rope Hoists: Built with sturdy wire ropes, these hoists cater to heavy lifting. Predominantly attached to cranes in construction and mining industries.

Wire Rope Hoist

4. Lifting Scales & Weighing Systems: These guarantee accurate load measurements, indispensable for cranes in logistics and shipping where exact weight metrics are crucial.

Scales & Weighing Systems

5. Crane Radio Remote Control Systems: Enhancing safety by leaps, these systems enable crane operators to remotely supervise lifting operations, especially in constrained or hazardous zones.

6. Lifting Magnets: For cranes involved in lifting ferrous materials, these magnets ensure a hands-free, secure lift. Common in recycling centers and metalwork factories.


7. Lifting Plate Clamps & Grabs: Facilitating the secure lifting of plates, these are often attached to cranes in construction and metal fabrication units.

Plate Clamps & Grabs

8. Lifting Coil Hooks: Specifically for handling coils, these are integral to cranes working with wire, metal strips, or other coiled substances.

Coil Hooks

9. Lifting Tool Box Kits: An assemblage of essential lifting tools, vital for cranes operating in diverse settings.

10. Lifting Eyebolts: These provide anchoring points for secure lifting, crucial for cranes in rigging and construction.


11. Lifting Shackles: Creating connection points for loads, they’re fundamental in any crane’s lifting arsenal.


12. Lifting Round Slings: Suited for cranes handling delicate or uniquely shaped loads, offering flexibility without compromising on strength.

Round Slings

13. Lifting Webbing Slings: Crafted from robust webbing, these ensure the load’s surface remains undamaged during lifting operations.

14. Lifting Chain Slings: The go-to for cranes involved in extreme lifting scenarios, like heavy machinery relocation.

Crane lifting gear under LOLER regulations must undergo routine inspections to ascertain their safety and efficiency. Ensuring regulatory compliance is not just about legality but also about the safety of operations and personnel.

Granada Cranes: Leading the Charge in Crane Lifting Gear and Inspections

With a legacy stretching back to 1980, Granada Cranes has etched its mark as a beacon of quality and innovation in crane lifting gear. Our expansive contracts, some boasting over 5,000 items of lifting accessories, is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Moreover, our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities have led us to craft bespoke lifting solutions, filling gaps where the market falls short.

Beyond product offerings, Granada Cranes accentuates the significance of LOLER inspections. When you align with us, you don’t just procure quality crane lifting gear; you also invest in safety, expertise, and peace of mind.

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