What are industrial cranes?

Overhead Gantry Crane

Industrial cranes are specialised lifting equipment designed to move and handle heavy loads within industrial settings. They come in various configurations, each tailored to specific tasks, workspaces, or industries. From overhead gantries in manufacturing plants to jib cranes in workshops, these machines are fundamental in ensuring seamless operations, productivity, and safety.

Types of Industrial Cranes Offered by Granada Cranes:

  1. Overhead Gantry Cranes – Available in both Single & Double Girder configurations, these cranes are mounted on elevated tracks and span the breadth of a workspace. They are essential for tasks that need horizontal movement across large spaces.

    Overhead Gantry Crane

  2. Lightweight Cranes – As the name suggests, these cranes are built for agility. Perfect for environments that require quick, versatile, and efficient lifting solutions without compromising on capacity.

    Lightweight Jib Crane

  3. Swing Jib Cranes – With an arm that can pivot at its base, these cranes are ideal for short-radius lifting in areas like workshops. They offer flexibility in tight spaces where a full gantry system might not be feasible.

    Swing Jib Crane

  4. Vacuum Lifting – Unlike traditional cranes that use hooks or chains, vacuum lifting systems use suction to lift delicate or smooth materials like glass, steel plates, or plastic sheets. They ensure the safety and integrity of the materials being handled.

    Vacuum Lifting Crane

  5. Goliath & Semi-Goliath Cranes – These are large, heavy-duty cranes ideal for outdoor or indoor spaces. Goliath cranes are freestanding, while Semi-Goliath cranes run on a combination of ground and elevated tracks.

    Goliath Crane

  6. Hoists & Monorails – These systems are designed for specific paths and lifting requirements. Hoists are devices used to lift or lower loads, while monorails provide a dedicated path for transporting goods in a specific direction.

    Wire Rope Hoist Monorail

  7. Davit Cranes – Granada Cranes manufacture and supply around 75% of the davit cranes for UK offshore wind farms with thousands currently in use. We’re trusted by industry-leading developers such as Equinor, RWE, SSE and Scottish Power. And we have global reach spanning the USA, Europe, Middle East and Australasia. With capacities from 1te-3te and radiuses from 3m-7m, we cover fixed/floating and near-shore/far-shore. 

    Davit Offshore Crane

At Granada Cranes, our expertise spans across these types, ensuring that we provide the best fit for your industrial needs. Established in 1980, our long-standing experience ensures that you’re investing in reliability, safety, and innovation when you choose our services.

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