Testing & Certification

Comprehensive compliance and certification for lifting equipment.

Ensuring Safety and Quality Standards with Granada

For all lifting equipment, ensuring it is fit for purpose and safe to utilise is of paramount importance. For newly developed equipment, it is vital that the design is accurate, with calculations performed by a qualified engineer. Nevertheless, for the end user, the most effective method of demonstrating suitability lies in testing and certification.

There are two primary categories of certification and testing for all lifting equipment: Thorough Examination and Load Testing.

Thorough Examination

A Report of Thorough Examination must accompany any item of lifting equipment or lifting accessory before its inaugural use. This requirement, mandated by the LOLER regulations, involves a visual inspection conducted by a competent individual to ensure there are no defects that could compromise the equipment’s operational safety. While this encompasses all new crane installations, it also applies to refurbished, modified, or relocated cranes. In certain instances, this may extend to cranes that have undergone significant modernisation.

Thorough Examination

Load Testing

In addition to adhering to the obligations set forth by LOLER, it is essential to comply with any other relevant requirements or standards during the production or provision of lifting equipment, as well as those pertaining to its location and usage. British Standards mandate that cranes and jibs undergo proof load testing upon installation and prior to initial usage. Each variety of lifting equipment possesses its own unique testing procedure to ascertain its suitability, and Granada’s clients can rest assured that any load testing conducted is executed by proficient, seasoned engineers under the supervision of skilled and certified managers.

Besides testing the equipment we produce, we also offer testing services to our clientele. Whether conducted on-site or at our testing facility, we have assisted in testing and certifying an extensive and varied assortment of our customers’ products and equipment, including lifting beams, workbenches, vessels, and more.

Load Testing

Load Rope Test Certification

In line with load testing and proof load testing requirements, it is imperative for any load rope supplied with new equipment or retrofitted during routine maintenance to be accompanied by a test certificate. This certificate validates that the rope is suitable for its intended purpose and has been rigorously tested.

Sling and Lifting Accessories Test Certification

When any item of lifting equipment is supplied, no matter how small, it must come with relevant certification. All loose lifting gear and lifting accessories supplied by Granada come with a test certificate to prove it is suitable and safe to use. This is the case whether it be a hundred bespoke lifting beams or a pair of collared eyebolts.

Declaration of Conformity

The majority of new products must be provided to end users with a certificate known as a Declaration of Conformity. This declaration serves as a formal statement by the manufacturer or their representative, asserting that the relevant product complies with all applicable safety directives pertaining to that product. It signifies that a product has been designed and constructed in accordance with compliance standards and has undergone an appropriate conformity assessment process. A Declaration of Conformity is neither a quality certificate nor a guarantee of safety. However, when properly prepared alongside CE marking on the product, conformity with the Directive(s) cited on the Declaration of Conformity may be presumed by suppliers in the distribution chain and by the end customer, as long as there are no apparent or known defects.

All cranes and lifting equipment produced by Granada are supplied with CE marking and a signed Declaration of Conformity.

Every overhead crane and lifting equipment manufactured by Granada is accompanied by all relevant and applicable certification, as outlined above. All load ropes fitted during servicing and repair work are supplied with this certification, as expected. Granada’s Nexus system, which is complimentary for all customers under a service agreement, maintains an electronic copy of every test certificate ever issued. These certificates can be securely accessed online via any web browser.


Our service engineers are trained and experienced to competently and efficiently install, test and certify all types of lifting equipment, even if the equipment is/was not supplied by Granada.