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Discover the perfect synergy of automated precision and robust performance with our Motorised Gantries. Engineered for excellence, these gantries ensure effortless manoeuvring and precise positioning of heavy loads across your facility, embodying our commitment to superior lifting solutions. Explore our range and step into a realm of enhanced operational efficiency.

Empowering Your Operations with Motorised Gantries

At Granada Cranes, we bring to the forefront Motorised Gantries that redefine the standards of heavy lifting, making it a seamless endeavour. Our selection is meticulously engineered to ensure the smooth manoeuvring of heavy loads across your facility, delivering a superior level of control and safety.

With a keen eye for innovation, our Motorised Gantries are outfitted with advanced features that promote ease of operation and dependable load handling. Embrace the automation and precision that come hand-in-hand with our Motorised Gantries, designed to cater to the diverse lifting requirements of modern industrial landscapes. Whether it’s the consistent movement, precision placement, or enhanced safety features, our Motorised Gantries stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering unrivalled lifting solutions.

Trust in the capability of Granada Cranes’ Motorised Gantries to effortlessly meet and exceed the demands of your lifting operations. Explore our range and witness the transformation towards a more streamlined, safe, and productive working environment.

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What are Motorised Gantries?

Motorised Gantries elevate the standards of efficiency and precision in material handling operations. By integrating motorised mechanisms, these gantries provide streamlined lifting and transportation of heavy loads across industrial environments. 

Unlike manual or portable gantries, motorised variants offer enhanced control and speed, making them well-suited for high-volume and heavy-load applications. They are indispensable in settings like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other sectors requiring a robust and reliable lifting solution. With the capacity to handle substantial loads with precision, motorised gantries contribute significantly towards optimising operational workflows and ensuring a higher degree of safety during material handling processes. Their robust construction and motorised functionality are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial operations.

Motorised Gantries
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Motorised Gantry Design & Standards

Granada Cranes meticulously engineers each of their motorised gantry units, adhering to the paramount British and European harmonised standards such as BS2853: Steel Overhead Runway Beams and BS EN 1993: Structural use of steel, alongside other authoritative standards like BS EN 1999: Structural use of Aluminium.

The diverse designs of motorised gantries encompass different styles of bracing, or in some instances, omit bracing altogether. It’s crucial to select the right style of lifting gantry tailored to your application. The integration of bracing within the lifting gantry design significantly contributes to the stability of the structure during lifting operations. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for a unit that not only ensures stability but also facilitates the smooth, automated movement of the hoist to the desired locations throughout the lifting process.

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Gantries, or gantry cranes, are a type of crane built atop a gantry, which is a structure used to straddle an object or workspace. They can range from enormous “full” gantries, suitable for heavyweight lifting tasks, to smaller “portable” or “mobile” gantries that can be easily moved within industrial environments. Gantries consist of a hoist mounted on a horizontal beam or girder, which itself is supported by two upright columns. These cranes provide a mobile and flexible lifting solution within various environments.

Gantries are utilized for a multitude of purposes across different sectors due to their versatility in handling heavy loads and materials. Their primary use is for lifting and transporting heavy objects from one location to another. They are commonly found in industrial, manufacturing, and construction settings for tasks such as moving machinery, hoisting automobiles in service stations, or transferring heavy materials in warehouses. Moreover, they are also employed in shipyards for lifting large engines or in railways and aviation sectors for maintenance and manufacturing processes. With the ability to span horizontally and vertically, gantries provide a practical and efficient solution to a wide range of lifting and moving challenges.

Motorised gantries offer enhanced control, speed, and precision in lifting operations, making them suitable for high-volume and heavy load applications.

This depends on the specific design and construction of the motorised gantry, though many are built for robust industrial applications both indoors and outdoors.

With better control and precision, motorised gantries help in reducing the risks associated with manual lifting and transportation of heavy loads.

Motorised gantries are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction sites, and other sectors requiring reliable and efficient lifting solutions.

Yes, motorised gantries can often be custom-designed to meet specific lifting capacity requirements, ensuring they are tailored to the unique needs of your operations.