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At Granada Cranes, we offer a comprehensive range of top running overhead crane systems designed to meet your heavy lifting needs with precision and efficiency. Whether you require single girder or double girder configurations, our top-running cranes provide exceptional lifting capacity, innovative features, and unparalleled reliability.

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Granada has a wealth of experience in producing cranes for broad spans. Our access to advanced production facilities allows us to manufacture cranes exceeding 30 metres in length. Our team of specialist crane engineers has installed cranes over 30 metres at several locations across the United Kingdom. To facilitate the logistics of transporting such large lifting equipment, we can manufacture cranes with split joints for easy transport to the installation site. This feature ensures seamless delivery of our extra-wide-span cranes to meet your specific lifting needs.

Top Running Overhead Cranes come in two primary variations:

Single Girder Top Running Cranes

Single Girder Crane
  • Single girder top-running cranes are a versatile choice for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • They offer robust lifting capacity while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
  • These cranes are perfect for facilities with moderate lifting requirements and limited headroom.

Double Girder Top Running Cranes

Double Girder Crane
  • Double girder top-running cranes provide even greater lifting capacity and versatility.
  • They are the preferred choice for heavy-duty industrial applications, capable of handling loads of up to 150 tonnes.
  • The double girder design allows for enhanced hook height, making them ideal for facilities with higher vertical space requirements.

A crane company is only as good as the service it provides. With over 60 service engineers strategically located throughout the UK, Granada Cranes offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year. Call us on Christmas Day and we’ll be there. We’ve harnessed the latest technology too. Our engineers use tablets, ensuring that you’re instantly updated on any actions. And you’ve got the peace of mind that reports are backed up and can be accessed anytime through your own portal.

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Advantages of Top Running Cranes

1. Increased Lifting Height

  • Top-running cranes run on rails mounted atop the runway beam, providing additional lifting height compared to underhung cranes.
  • This extra vertical space is invaluable for lifting and maneuvering bulky or oversized loads with ease.

2. Ideal for Limited Headroom

  • Top-running cranes are the perfect solution for industrial buildings with limited headroom, maximizing vertical space utilization.
  • Their design allows for efficient material handling even in constrained environments.

3. Double Girder Configuration

  • Double girder top-running cranes offer greater hook height and lifting capacity, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • The hoist is positioned between the double girders, ensuring stability and precision.

Key Features of our High-Capacity Cranes

1. Open Barrel Hoists by Omis:

  • Our top-running cranes are equipped with open barrel hoists, produced in-house by Omis, a trusted industry leader.
  • Omis hoists are renowned for their generous design, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.
  • These hoists incorporate strain-gauge load limiting devices to enhance safety during lifting operations.

2. CNC Machined Trolleys:

  • Precision is paramount in top-running crane mechanisms, which is why we use CNC machined trolleys.
  • These trolleys guarantee precise alignment of all crane components, minimizing wear and tear and maximizing efficiency.

Top Running Overhead Crane Use Cases

Top Running Overhead Cranes, also known as bridge cranes, offer versatile solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Here are some potential use cases where these cranes can make a significant difference:

1. Manufacturing Facilities:

  • Manufacturing plants often require efficient material handling and assembly processes. Top-running overhead cranes are suitable for lifting heavy components, machinery, and materials, optimizing production workflows.

2. Steel Mills and Foundries:

  • Steel mills and foundries deal with exceptionally heavy loads and high-temperature environments. Double girder top-running cranes are well-suited for transporting molten metal, castings, and heavy steel materials with precision and safety.

3. Aerospace Industry:

  • In the aerospace industry, precision and safety are paramount. Top-running cranes are used for lifting and maneuvering sensitive aerospace components and equipment, ensuring damage-free handling.

4. Automotive Manufacturing:

  • Automotive manufacturing facilities rely on top-running cranes for efficient handling of vehicle parts and components. These cranes contribute to streamlined production processes and reduced downtime.

5. Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

  • Warehouses and distribution centers require efficient loading and unloading of cargo. Top-running cranes provide the necessary lifting capacity and flexibility to expedite goods movement and maximize storage space.
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Granada Cranes is your trusted partner for top running overhead crane solutions that elevate your industrial operations. Whether you require single or double girder configurations, our top-running cranes are engineered for performance, safety, and longevity. Contact us today to explore how our top-running crane systems can enhance your lifting capabilities and improve your operational efficiency.

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