Underhung Overhead Cranes

Underhung Overhead Cranes, also known as underslung cranes or underslung overhead cranes, offer versatile solutions for various industrial applications. At Granada Cranes, we provide top-quality underhung cranes, along with maintenance and servicing options, to optimize your facility’s safety and productivity.

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Granada Cranes offers a wide range of underhung overhead crane options to suit your specific application and facility needs. Our experienced sales professionals can assist you in selecting the ideal crane system and provide valuable insights into maintenance programs to ensure your cranes operate at peak efficiency and reliability.

What are Underhung Overhead Cranes?

Underhung overhead cranes differ from top-running cranes as they ride on the lower flange of the beam. This design reduces tracking issues and is secured to the building structure. While realignment may require some downtime, top-running systems require more frequent rail alignment checks and can be easier to service.

Advantages of Underhung Overhead Cranes

Underhung overhead cranes are an excellent choice for factories and warehouses aiming to maximize floor space and improve safety. They do not need supportive floor columns and optimize end approaches, allowing the hoist to get closer to the end truck or runway’s end.

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Choosing Between a Top-Running Crane and an Underhung Crane: Which Is Right for You?

If you’re contemplating whether to opt for a top-running crane or an underhung crane for your facility, several critical factors will influence your decision. While an existing runway might provide some clarity, considerations such as your facility’s design, ceiling height, and specific lifting requirements—such as lift height and load capacity—will ultimately help you determine the ideal crane solution.

Top-running cranes are an excellent choice for buildings with limited headroom, as they offer greater lifting height compared to underhung cranes. These cranes ride on rails positioned atop the beam, optimizing headroom. If maximizing vertical space is a top priority for your project, a double girder, top-running crane is the optimal choice.

Top-running cranes are particularly well-suited for high-capacity lifting tasks, often involving loads of 20 tons or more. Their advantages extend to easier installation and the availability of a wide range of parts, simplifying maintenance and service. Notably, the wheels of a top-running crane are more accessible for servicing since these cranes do not require suspension from above.

In contrast, underhung, or under-running, cranes ride on the lower flange of the beam. They offer certain advantages over top-running cranes, particularly in terms of tracking stability. An underhung crane is bolted to the I-beam, which is securely attached to the building structure, reducing the likelihood of rail misalignment.

However, it’s worth noting that realignment of an underhung system may require more significant downtime compared to a top-running system, owing to the suspension and rigging needed for alignment. On the flip side, top-running systems may necessitate more frequent rail alignment checks but are generally easier to service.

When contemplating your crane system, it’s essential to assess your building’s structural strength. If your building cannot support a 10-ton top-running crane, you may consider the option of two 5-ton underhung cranes.

Underslung Crane Use Cases

Underhung Overhead Cranes, also known as underslung cranes, offer versatile solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Here are some potential use cases where these cranes can make a significant difference:

1. Manufacturing Facilities: Underhung cranes are ideal for manufacturing facilities where space optimization is crucial. They enable efficient material handling, assembly, and positioning of heavy components with precision.

2. Warehouses: Warehouses often require efficient goods movement and storage. Underhung cranes can help maximize vertical storage space and streamline operations, making them valuable assets for warehouses.

3. Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, precision and speed are essential. Underhung cranes facilitate the movement of auto parts, ensuring efficient production and reduced downtime.

4. Aerospace Industry: Aerospace manufacturing demands high precision and strict quality standards. Underhung cranes are well-suited for handling sensitive aerospace components and materials with care and precision.

5. Metal Fabrication: Underhung cranes are a valuable addition to metal fabrication shops, assisting in the handling of heavy metal sheets, beams, and other materials during the fabrication process.

6. Construction Sites: Construction sites often require the lifting and positioning of heavy construction materials. Underhung cranes are useful for such tasks and can be customized for various construction applications.

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